It is as exciting as you have ever imagined.  More than 40 galleries from 4 East-Asian countries gather together in YOUNG ART TAIPEI 2009 – the very first hotel art fair in Taiwan targeting young artists and young art– to bring you closer to a genre which we call contemporary art and to bring art collection to be part of your life. In YOUNG ART TAIPEI, you don’t have to be an established collector in hold of a great amount of wealth and a huge exhibition space. What you can expect is to open any hotel room door, walk in the room where artworks have already been waiting for your presence, and finally find THE ONE you sparkle with. And then it’s just exactly what we need in a hotel rendezvous.

Organized by Taiwan Contemporary Art Link – an association among four Taiwan galleries (AKI Gallery, Der-Horng Art Gallery, Dynasty Art Gallery, and Galerie Grand Siecle) promoting Taiwan contemporary art --, YOUNG ART TAIPEI 2009 desires to be the first hotel art fair in Taiwan with unique focus on young artists in Asian. Most of the exhibited artists in YOUNG ART TAIPEI are below 45 years old. The economical turbulence everyone never stops talking about seems to bring them little influence but even interestingly fortify their passion toward art. Such a passion is what YOUNG ART TAIPEI wishes to achieve in the event – to remind viewers the original meaning of the arts instead of eyeing nothing but its financial value.  Through the cultural communication among different Asian regions, we also hope to create a healthy platform to encourage such a communication and to break-down the national boundary in the world of arts. We sincerely believe that only through the exchange among collectors/galleries/scholars/artists in various regions/cultures can the Asian art market be provided with a strong foundation.
After the 4-month-preparation for YOUNG ART TAIPEI 2009, we are happy to announce that 42 galleries (see the list below) which share the same belief with us will check in at Sunworld Dynasty Hotel, creating a new dynasty for contemporary art in Asia. In order to guarantee the carrying out of the mission statement of YOUNG ART TAIPEI, we adopt a jury system to lay out our exhibition list. It is, in fact, the first time for an art fair which takes place in Taiwan to adopt such a system. All of our jury members are established scholars in Taiwan, and they are all amazed by the quality of the applicants. After more than two-round-discussion, we finally put 80 percent of applicants into our exhibition list. 20 galleries are from Taiwan; 14 galleries are from Japan; 6 galleries from Korea, and 2 galleries from China. 
Even though YOUNG ART TAIPEI attracts a huge amount of young galleries, many established galleries such as Mizuma Art Gallery, Gallery IDF, and Platform China all show their interest toward such an experience in Taipei. Some of the exhibitors from Japan are actually getting more and more familiar with the art market in Taiwan. Within the 14 galleries from Japan in YOUNG ART TAIPEI, 6 of them have came to ART TAIPEI 2008 last summer, including Gallery IDF, Gallery Kogure, Gallery Tsubaki, Gallery Hirota Bijutsu, Shonandai Gallery, and Unseal Contemporary Art. Taiwanese collectors’ interest in Japanese contemporary art seemed to encourage them significantly to seek further cooperation with the art market in Taiwan. The previous experience in ART TAIPEI by all means offered them much confidence to know Taiwanese collectors better in YOUNG ART TAIPEI.
Japanese galleries are not the only ones who feel excited about getting connected with Taiwanese collectors. Right after YOUNG ART TAIPEI 2009 has been officially announced last year, we have received application from America, China, Korea, Japan, and many South-East Asian countries. It is well known that Taiwanese collectors are always willing to embrace art from different cultures – probably owing to the unique diversity in Taiwanese cultures.  Taiwanese collectors not only contribute one-third contemporary art collection in Asia – according to the statics provided by Sotheby’s Hong Kong –, they also hold an open mind to discover the different vocabulary hidden in the artworks from different countries. By creating an intimate rendezvous between art and viewers, we also hope to encourage collectors from different Asian countries to disregard the national boundary and to enjoy such an experience in art collection full of cultural exchange. 

Just check in the hotel and check out the artworks.  YOUNG ART TAIPEI is looking forward to your participation! Held from 2009/05/08 to 2009/05/10 at Sunworld Dynasty Hotel, Taipei, Taiwan, please check our website for more information: www.youngarttaipei.com

Exhibition list (42 galleries in total):

Korea (6 galleries)
NINE Gallery、Godo Gallery、Keumsan Gallery、KIM JAE-SUN Gallery、Seosin gallery、Gallery SP

Japan (14 galleries)
Gallery IDF、Wada Garou co和田畫廊、Art-U room、MORI YU GALLERY、Gallery Tsubaki、Shonandai Gallery、YOKOI FINE ART 、Mizuma Art Gallery、unseal contemporary、TEZUKAYAMA Gallery、GALLERY KOGURE 、Gallery Hirota Bijutsu、art project frantic、Art Front Gallery

China (2 galleries)
Platform China (站台中國)、Triumph Art Space (藝凱旋)

Taiwan (20 galleries)
Caves Gallery (敦煌畫廊)、Butchart International Contemporary Art Space (布查藝術) 、Da Xiang Art Space (大象藝術空間)、Zin Jhi Gallery (金枝藝術)、 The Quan Artist Agency (有寬藝術)、MOT ARTS、Karen Jeng Art Space (鄭甘美藝術空間)、Jia Art Gallery (家畫廊)、J. P. Art Center(琢璞藝術中心)、IN ART、AKI Gallery (也趣藝廊)、Galerie Grand Siecle (新苑藝術)、Der-Horng Art Gallery (德鴻畫廊)、Dynasty Art Gallery (朝代藝術)、XX Gallery (學學文創展坊)、Arthis Fine Art (金禧藝術)、Project Fulfill Art Space (就在藝術空間)、Julia Gallery (雅逸藝術中心)、Chi-Wen Gallery (其玟畫廊)、William Contemporary Art Space (威廉當代)